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NCC uses Location-based Scheduling: "25,000 activities – 250 pages in Gantt – even the best planner can't handle that."

Read how Kristine Ann Barnes earned 85,000 DKK for the project in 5 minutes in the trailer with a new secret weapon for progress reporting and follow-up

Optimized renovation process with a focus on client satisfaction. Adserballe & Knudsen uses a new app for planning and follow-up on Ringparken in Roskilde

See how Exigo assisted Hansson & Knudsen A/S with 3D modeling and collision control in connection with the Rømerhus

Read how Exigo saved Elindco A/S many man-hours in connection with the new Sports City in Espergærde

Læs hvordan Exigo hjalp Leif Pedersen Eftf. med modellering og arbejdstegninger i forbindelse med Ascot Hotel.

Exigo advises on the following projects

Visualization of building block
Visualization of building block
Visualization of building complex
Visualization of building complex

This is what the contractors say about our consulting

Without Exigo's expertise, we would not have reached our goal

"Jorton has had a good and constructive collaboration with Exigo on the Byens Bro project in Odense. A part of the tender material was the ability to use the client's 3D model in our daily work. Exigo has been instrumental in extracting layout data, drawing additional cross-sections in critical locations, and verifying construction elements. Without Exigo's expertise, we wouldn't have achieved our goals."

René Nørregaard Faaborg

Project Manager, JORTON

Exigo provided fast and efficient service.

"The newer tendering format requires the contractor to verify the client's quantities, thus minimizing the risk of quantity disputes during the execution phase. We could have handled the verification ourselves, but from an overall economic perspective, getting external assistance with the task made sense. Exigo provided fast and efficient service while I focused on other project-related matters."

Rasmus Dahlgren

Project Manager, Elindco A/S

Exigo has been a really good collaborative partner

"CG Jensen is constructing a 44,000 m2 shell in Slagelse as part of a new psychiatric hospital. This is Denmark's second-largest ongoing construction project, where the shell is expected to be completed in approximately 12 months. The project material is executed in a 3D model (Revit), where Exigo, in a very professional manner, has helped CG Jensen gain an overview of the project economically and in terms of planning. Exigo has been a really good collaborative partner, and we will certainly choose them again."

Karsten Væde

Project Manager, CG Jensen

The work was carried out quickly and efficiently, in a nutshell

"Exigo assisted us with both the set-up and solutions regarding installation penetration plans. We were very pleased with the collaboration. I will definitely consider using Exigo again (...) The work was done quickly and efficiently so we could start the construction. That was also something that pleased the construction management!"

Peter Andersen

Project Manager , DTEK A/S

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