Exigo hjælper Leif Pedersen Eftf. med 3D-modellering og arbejdstegninger i forbindelse med Ascot Hotel

CEO Kent Schøler requested Exigo to create a 3D model based on existing 2D drawings for the project. This was done to conduct a 3D clash detection across disciplines and to provide an accurate quantity takeoff based on 3D, distributed by area, floor, and building level.

Subsequently, a 3D model-based schedule was created with an optimal flow of activities and staffing. The schedule was visualized in a 4D simulation, as shown below.

Finally, we prepared construction drawings based on the 3D models.

  • Company: Leif Pedersen Eftf.
  • Web: http://www.lpe-aps.dk/
  • Industry: Construction-
  • Size: 40+ medarbejdere
  • Why Exigo?
    • 3D ensures better overview and minimizes risks.