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Avoid unpleasant surprises in your construction process"

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Exigos rådgivning er datadrevet. Det er her, vi adskiller os.
Vi oplyser dig om fordele og risici ved forskellige scenarier, så du kan tage en kyndig og velorienteret beslutning.

Er du bygherre eller entreprenør, får du hjælp til at styre tid, økonomi og bygbarhed på dit byggeprojekt.


Time is of the essence in construction.
With Location-based Scheduling, we not only provide you with better visibility, but we also typically reduce the construction time by a minimum of 15-20% without increasing resources.

With Location-based Scheduling, you utilize all the construction zones and ensure that all contractors have a smooth flow between their tasks. At Exigo, you get visual schedules that everyone can understand.


A transparent project economy that you can oversee.
The economy is based directly on quantities in the 3D models. Full control over the finances right from early budgeting, through design, the bidding phase, and throughout the execution.

When building models and calculations are integrated, you gain a fast and accurate overview of how ongoing changes in your construction project affect the cost. When the 3D building model, calculation, and schedule are integrated, you receive detailed analyses of what needs to be executed on the construction site per day or month.


Accurate 3D models are the key to constructible projects
- if it can be designed, it can be built.

If there are errors and deficiencies in the 3D model, these are carried over to the construction site.
It costs dearly in both time and finances. We help you gain a complete overview of the constructability of your project.


A lot has happened in the field of digitalization in the last year, and the possibilities are numerous—many, many possibilities. Determining which pots at the end of the digital rainbow contain gold is tricky. Many companies have spent money and countless person-hours implementing various digital tools.
Many have suffered financially from unsuccessful attempts, but fortunately, we are seeing a trend where more and more people are digitizing their construction process - to their own benefit with great success.

We have entered 2023 and are saying goodbye to 'one size fits all.' Customized integrations between tools already in the respective company are one of the trends we see. 100% transparency regarding status and progress is another. Clarity that extends across all levels - from construction manager to CFO.

With digitalization, we have gained a range of methods that optimize the construction process in terms of time, finances, and quality. Considering the low level of digitalization in the industry, the companies that embrace digitalization can reap significant productivity gains and gain a competitive advantage.

Digitalisering i byggebranchen


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At Exigo, we advise you..


Exigo's consulting is data-driven. This is where we stand out. We inform you about the advantages and risks of different scenarios so you can make a knowledgeable and well-informed decision.

Kristian Birch Pedersen

Kristian is building Exigo on a high level of expertise and solid practical experience. Exigo has assisted on over 100 construction projects and maintained steady growth and a healthy financial situation. In 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019, Exigo was recognized as a Gazelle company by Børsen.

Lasse Linneberg Møller

With our contractor advisor, Lasse, you get your own BIM/VDC specialist who can assist you in optimizing your production management with 3D, 4D, and 5D. He can also help with the verification of tender quantities or Location-based Scheduling.

Martin Veis Marxen

Whether there are concrete plans for owner deliveries and commissioning or an overview that needs to be created from scratch, our construction advisor, Martin, plans and optimizes the construction resources using Location-based Scheduling.