flow i aktiviteter

4D Simulation in Construction

Visual schedules that everyone can understand

When you integrate the project's 3D model with the schedule, you can create a 4D simulation of the project. The 4D simulation, along with the Location-based Scheduling principle where time and activities are displayed at specific locations, provides a visual overview for all parties involved in the project.

You can quickly identify areas with high demand and adjust and optimize the schedule to ensure a steady flow of activities.

The 4D simulation allows for effective communication of complex schedules to all employees, regardless of their field of expertise or educational background. Everyone shares the same starting point for understanding and discussing the construction process, safety risks, and optimization opportunities. Likewise, it becomes easier for you as the client to engage in a constructive dialogue about the project's progression with the contractor.

You can see examples and read more about 4D Simulation in Construction on this page.

Schedule in Iceland

Example of a 4D schedule simulation based on a large project in Iceland.

Read more about how Exigo could assist the client with fulfilling their construction management requirements on the project in Iceland. here..

Risikoanalyse af tidplaner

Risk analysis of schedules

At Exigo, we can help you as the client in anticipating and mitigating/reducing the risks inherent in a Gantt-based schedule. This ensures the project's status and progress throughout the construction period. If you want further insights into the project's progress, we can create a dashboard, where you can continuously track the project's key performance indicators (KPIs)."

We have documented experience that our risk analyses based on the Location-based method are a significant factor in ensuring that a project is completed within the agreed timeframe.

Read more about our data-driven risk management method here.

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