5D økonomistyring byggeri

5D Construction Cost Management

Effektiv økonomistyring

For both the client and the contractor, ensuring transparency and accuracy in cost management can be a challenge. This is solved with 5D cost management, where finances are directly based on quantities in the 3D models. At Exigo, we are the leading experts in 5D cost management, and we help provide you with a complete overview of the finances from the early budgeting stage, during the design and tendering phase, and throughout the entire execution. We can train you in the methods or do the work for you so you can keep track of the financial progress on the dashboard in our solution Tactplan Control.

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A transparent project economy that you can oversee.

When building models and calculations are integrated, we can quickly and efficiently provide an overview of what ongoing changes mean for the cost of your construction project. This overview can be visualized through a Business Intelligence dashboard.

We have integrated quantities and finances with the location-based planning method on several large construction projects. Through a dashboard, we provide the client and construction management with a detailed and accurate overview of the progress on the construction site in terms of time and cost. You can learn more about Big Data and Business Intelligence in construction here. or visit our website www.tactplan.com, , which is the tool we have developed for status registration, communication of schedules, and management reporting using dashboards.

Business Intelligence Dashboard
Earned Value Management

Earned value and on account invoicing

When we have integrated the 3D building model, the calculation, and the schedule, we can quickly and efficiently provide detailed analyses of what needs to be billed on the construction site per day or month. The method we use is called Earned Value Management, and you can read more about it here: https://www.pmi.org/learning/library/earned-value-management-systems-analysis-8026

Successiv Kalkulation

With minimal effort, the progress billing economy for your construction project is calculated, and you can immediately see the consequences of any changes to the financial development of your construction project. Our solutions provide a clear graphical presentation of the building components included in the various items in the price calculation and schedule. This gives you a firm overview.

De første kalkulationer baseres på overordnede 3D-modeller og enhedspriser med en lille detaljering. I takt med at projektmaterialet bliver mere og mere detaljeret, opdateres kalkulationerne, hvormed de til sidst kan indeholde en nedbrydning af projektet i ressourcer herunder mandskab, materiel og materialer pr. bygningsdelstype linket til de enkelte aktiviteter i den lokations-baserede tidsplan.

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Risk Analysis of Quantities

An essential prerequisite for transparent and accurate 5D cost management is the quantities, which form the basis for the calculations.

There are many financial risks associated with traditional, manual methods of quantity take-off. In addition to being a time-consuming process, it often results in errors. Incorrectly calculated quantities have significant consequences for a project's finances, not to mention the schedule, and if they are not identified in advance, it can be costly during execution.

At Exigo, we help you ensure that you have the correct quantities – and thus, finances in good shape. The quantities sent out for tender serve as the basis for financial management, making it crucial for project economics that quantities are accurate. Having an overview of the correct quantities and the cost estimates ensures that you, as the client or contractor, have a solid foundation for potential negotiations on prices for various trades.

With just a few simple steps, you can also ensure that the tender material is as good as possible.

We have gathered ""5 typical errors in quantity statements"in a white paper.

Risikoanalyse af mængder

"The New Hospital in the West, Gødstrup, Denmark"

Task: Owner's advisory services in the form of independent review of economic calculations and schedules. Optimization and visualization of the program based on Location-based Scheduling.

We experience a high level of commitment, a professional approach to the task, and flexibility regarding adjustments along the way.

Michael Hyllegaard

Former Project Director, The New Hospital in the West

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PS: If you want to learn more about BIM / VDC 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, and 7D, you are welcome to read our guide: What is BIM / VDC. here.