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The construction industry is characterized by projects with significant budget overruns (5-30% is the norm), time overruns (17% on average), and numerous defects and deficiencies. Collecting data makes it possible to gain an overview of all the risks during the construction project so they can be addressed in time. It is also possible to leverage data from previous projects in current and future construction processes.

It minimizes the risk of repeating the same overruns and defects because, through statistics, one can take precautions to anticipate delays and budget overruns, thus preemptively addressing challenges.

Furthermore, read more about how construction data can be used for risk management. here..

Business intelligence

"When the Exigo team introduced their method and tools, they met all our requirements and expectations, even exceeding them. Everything we had asked for was fulfilled and in a much more sophisticated way than we had imagined. The Vico Office software achieved the integration between time, quantities, unit prices, and the BIM model. The same software could cut the 70,000 m2 into smaller pieces we were looking for. We could collaborate with the contractor on activities, production times, and unit prices and have the data integrated with the schedule. It was far better than what we had expected.

Status registration with Exicute is simple and user-friendly, and due to the integration that had already been made between the 3D BIM model, quantities, and finance, Exicute was able to generate a single and precious overview of status and progress regarding all our KPIs."

Ásbjörn Jónsson

Head Project Manager, Project Owner


Høj beslutningskvalitet med Big Data

Decisions based on data have a higher quality than those made without it. Companies that leverage data gain an advantage in the long run. It is possible to compete in entirely new ways. The amount of data and the opportunities that come with it have changed dramatically, creating possibilities for development and productivity improvement, among other things.

Visual Analytics

Exigo has developed a completely unique setup where the client can log in via web, tablet, or mobile to an online dashboard (visual analytics) and track the construction project's progress. Progress is reported daily, giving the client an accurate picture based on actual data rather than an optimistic gut feeling from the construction management/client advisor/contractor.

Tactplan Control dashboards on computer and phone
Tactplan Control app

Planned vs. actual work

Earned value is continuously calculated and reported, along with an analysis of actual progress compared to the planned progress. The follow-up on actual work progress is done by trade contractors reporting progress in percentage per activity per area using our app Tactplan ControlThe data is verified by the construction management and imported into the 4D location-based schedule. Then, the project management tool calculates the earned value contractors can invoice monthly. In other words, billing is based on actual data and actual progress rather than loose estimates. You can view the preliminary earned value in the financial management dashboards..

Free Inspiration Meeting: Future Construction Management

Stay updated and inspired with the latest trends in modern construction management.

If interested, I offer my expertise during a free inspiration meeting. Here, I will showcase the latest trends in modern construction management, including Big Data and business Intelligence, and the newest tools and methods.

One of the trends we see is saying goodbye to 'one size fits all.' Customized integrations between tools already existing within the specific company are one of the trends we observe. Another trend is 100% transparency regarding status and progress, extending across all levels from construction manager to CFO. Last but not least, self-driving AI-powered schedule robots are here to stay.

Significant digitalization has been made in recent years, and the possibilities are overwhelming. It can be challenging to determine which digital advancements are truly valuable.

I will also offer my insights tailored to your company at the meeting. I can help you sort through and show examples of what works and doesn't. I promise you will leave the meeting with a sense of clarity on a higher level and a clear plan for your direction.

My primary task at the meeting is to inspire you, provide you with an overview, and help you get closer to the plan that fits your company perfectly.

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