Tender with quantities

Tender with quantities

Quantity verification

Quantities are central to many agreements in construction and should, therefore, be as accurate as possible.
Incorrect quantity statements are a significant challenge in the construction process, which typically has severe consequences for delivery procurement, finances, and schedule.

What is the purpose of quantity verification?

With quantity verification, you gain greater confidence in the quantities that have been tendered for the project. Quantity estimates and bid lists are examined and compared. Any discrepancies are noted in a verification document, providing an accurate overview of the potential risks associated with the project's quantities.

The verification document you receive as documentation can be effectively used in your discussions with your advisor, allowing discrepancies to be addressed promptly.

Quantity verification

Quantity statements and tender lists

If you are the client, conducting a risk analysis of your project's quantity estimates and bid lists before the tendering process is typically better. This ensures that the foundation you send out for the contractor to base their price on is accurate. A reliable cost estimate can only be produced if the quantities are correct.

The more accurate the quantity estimate, the more precise the contractor's bid can be and the fewer reservations they need to make. This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of unpleasant change orders being submitted during the execution of the project.

Quantity statements and tender lists

Afdæk uoverensstemmelser

If a contractor bidding on a larger project tendered with quantities, you typically have two to three weeks to verify discrepancies after the bid. It is valuable to identify inconsistencies during this time. Depending on the type of contract and agreement, you may assume the risk associated with the quantities after that.

Therefore, you must be aware of any inconsistencies in advance to avoid financial surprises during the execution that could undermine your budget.

 "On larger construction projects, a project is often tendered with indicative quantities. If there are errors in the quantity estimates in the tender documents, the risk lies with us as the contractor, and it can cost us dearly during the execution. For such tenders, we ask Exigo on selected tasks to find errors in the quantity estimates and provide us with an overview of the correct quantities. They scrutinize 3D models, double-check if measurement rules are adhered to, etc."

"Having an overview of the correct quantities can be crucial to whether we win the construction project. With the right quantities as a basis, we can prepare a competitive price without worrying about unnecessary quantity-related risks during the execution. I highly recommend consulting with Exigo, who are professional and skilled in their work. We can focus on what we do best and ensure that JORTON wins the tender together."

John Funch

Former CEO Insead GMP at Jorton.

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