Collision Control and Constructability Analyses

Collision Control and Constructability Analyses

Collision control reduces unforeseen costs by 40%

Mangelnde Koordination und damit verbundene Kollisionen sowie eine schlechte Bauausführung sind zweifellos die Quelle für zusätzliche Kosten und erhebliche Budgetüberschreitungen in vielen dänischen Bauprojekten.
Aber keine Sorge.Dies sind einige der leicht zugänglichen Früchte, die Sie ernten können.
Durch systematische Kollisionskontrolle können Sie Ihre unvorhergesehenen Kosten schnell um 40% reduzieren.

Many errors in 3D models that lead to collisions are only discovered once construction is underway when it's too late. This means contacting the consultant, updating the drawings, and ordering new deliveries, resulting in costly 'oops solutions' and disruptions to the schedule.

kollisioner på byggeprojekter
Bygherre rådgiver og entreprenør

Insight into the performance of the project designers.

The solution to the problem begins with clear expectations and alignment between the client, consultant, and contractor. It should be determined what level of detail the 3D project should have and who ensures the coordination is successful. After that, it requires ongoing monitoring during the design phase to ensure that the quality aligns with the planned standards.

Read more about 3D models in construction here.

This should be done with assistance from our independent team, ensuring focus and progress while providing you, as the client or contractor, with unique insights into the performance of the project designers. All of this is reported in easily accessible formats. digital dashboards - and it's up to you whether you, for example, want to be updated weekly or if once a month is sufficient.

Automated Collision Control

"Our method is unique because we have automated all the time-consuming work. This is achieved through preprogramming hundreds of rules that differentiate critical collisions from minor ones and categorize the clashes by building area. This means that a collision control process that others would take two weeks to complete, we can accomplish from day to day.

We can do the control for you; all you need to do is provide us access to the prepared 3D models, for example, through a project web. You can also start by investigating the number of collisions in your construction project.

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 “7 råd til at sikre kollisionsfrie 3D-modeller” .

kollisionsfrie 3D modeller
Bygbarhedsanalyse og driftstjek

ROI far exceeding 20

We can also conduct more advanced constructability analyses and operational checks. For instance, we can automatically examine if there are electrical outlets planned behind the radiators, if there is space for installation or replacement of filters in the ventilation system, and if motors are in a conveyor system, as well as many similar challenges.

These types of analyses typically require slightly more advanced configuration and rule setup, but we have several clients where the business case for implementation has an ROI well above 20.

We are also happy to assist you.

Performing a collision control can be like walking a tightrope. You don't want to blame the designers, but you also know that the project's quality and finances must identify and eliminate the risks.

As a neutral partner, we ensure a positive atmosphere focusing on excellent and constructive collaboration among all parties involved.

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It's an entirely new form of external control when the client, before tendering, ensures the constructability and consistency of the tender material. It works well and helps avoid the need to secure extra funds for the project during its execution. This is one of the benefits of the client being able to carry out..." denne selvstændige kontrol.” 

Niels Uhrenfeldt

Project Director, New Aalborg University Hospital