Simpel platform

Plannerly provides a simple and visual platform where you can plan and keep track of the design process. BIM. For at gøre det nemt for dig er det hele online og gemt i skyen.

Plannerly is divided into five main functions:


Plan-delen er et online dokumentstyringsværktøj, der bl.a. kan bruges til dynamisk udarbejdelse og revisionsstyring af IKT-aftalegrundlaget. På den måde er der aldrig tvivl om hvilken version af et givent IKT-aftaledokument, der er den gældende.

Application: Management of ICT Agreement Foundation

Benefit: An updated version of the ICT agreement foundation is always accessible to all project stakeholders.

Exigo can assist with the development and implementation of the ICT agreement foundation.

The scope

Scope-delen fungerer som styringsværktøj for de enkelte bygningsdeles LOD (Level of Development). Værktøjet følger den danske standard for bygningsdelsspecifikation og kan tilpasses projektets faser samt fagdiscipliner. Scope-delen indeholder allerede hundredvis af prædefinerede objekter på alle LOD-niveauer.

Application: Management of LOD Phase Plan

Benefit: Overview of individual building components throughout all phases.

Exigo can assist in the development of an LOD phase plan that can be integrated with the design schedule.

BIM Management

Schedule, Track og View-delen bruges til planlægning af bygningsmodellernes udvikling.

The Last Planner method is widespread in Denmark. For this reason, the Flow section shares many similarities with the planning process for a 5-week lookahead and weekly plan in the Last Planner method.

Application: Management of LOD Phase Plan

Benefit: Dynamic control of building component deliveries throughout the entire design project.

Exigo can assist with LEAN design management, process control, and/or change management related to the development of building models.

BIM Management

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Online BIM planning

Designing with BIM opens up a wide range of incredible possibilities, but the planning and distribution of responsibilities are more complex than ever.

Endless files in Word and Excel and a lack of clarity on which file is the current one can be a challenge.

Plannerly is simple online software where you can plan design with BIM:

  • Which version of the ICT agreement is the current one?
  • Who models which objects?
  • At what level of detail should modeling be done in each phase?
  • How is the interface between two objects across disciplines handled?
  • Is the 3D model synchronized with 2D details?
  • What version of the 3D model is current?

Confused by the terminology? Completely understandable...

LOD stands for "Level Of Development." If you thought it meant "Level Of Detail," you're not entirely wrong either, as that was the original interpretation of LOD. However, a common consensus today is that LOD stands for "Level Of Development."

Du kan downloade vores whitepaper: Sådan bruger du den nye LOD standard i praksis her. 

No more miscommunication.

Many BIM projects either contain too many or too few details because it is unclear what is expected from the various parties in the project. With Plannerly, you ensure that all parties know precisely the requirements for their BIM, so there is no double modeling or a "gap" in the project material where a range of objects is not modeled.