Reduced financial risk with ICT competencies

At få succes med implementering af de nye krav til IKT på offentlige projekter kræver overblik over både metoder og værktøjer. Det overblik har Exigo. Derfor har vi udarbejdet et 3-dages kursusforløb, som lærer dig og/eller dine kollegaer det væsentligste på området og giver jer gode IKT kompetencer.

Today, 3D building models create drawing documentation for execution, calculate quantities,, collision control, planning and estimate prices and more. To ensure that building modeling provides value and works, 3D models must be of high quality even in subsequent operations. We can teach you how to quality-assure and understand the quality of the building models produced by consultants.

You reduce financial risk with clear ICT agreements and gain a better understanding of digital tools.

Day 1

Handling of building modeling

(4 hours)

  • Focus on hands-on handling of building modeling (BIM)
  • Forståelse for 3D BIM koncepterne og de grundlæggende metoder
  • Usage of free tools for viewing 3D models
  • Navigation and content filtering in 3D model viewers
  • Browse and manage project materials in common 3D CAD tools

Common free tools are used as a starting point, such as Navisworks Freedom, Tekla BIMsight, or Solibri Viewer, along with the widely used Autodesk Revit for 3D modeling.

Day 2


(4 hours)

  • Focus on The ICT Regulation and ICT agreements
  • An overview of IT requirements for the client
  • Usage and structuring of digital materials according to CCS (Common Classification System) or other classification systems
  • Discussion and insight into technical terms such as IFC (Industry Foundation Classes), IDM (Information Delivery Manual), BIM object-oriented design, digital handover, etc.
  • Development of project-specific ICT agreements. Risks, pitfalls, and sensitive points for the consultant.
  • Digital handover – processes and follow-up

We base our approach on the ICT Regulation and your ICT agreements.

Day 3

Quality assurance of building models

(4 hours)

  • Focus on quality assurance of building models and digital materials at handover or throughout the construction process.
  • Clash detection of 3D building models.
  • Clash detection of 3D building models
  • The relationship between 3D building models, drawings, and bill of quantities
  • Calculation and verification of quantities from building models
  • Risks and significant challenges in typical projects
  • Learn to ask the right critical questions at the right time to your consultant

Der anvendes værktøjer til kollisionskontrol og gængse CAD-værktøjer.

Please contact us to learn more about our range of courses. We are very flexible and happy to help you with a solution that suits you and your company.