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ICT Management and ICT Agreements

ICT Management and ICT Agreements

Most people are unaware of how crucial the foundation of ICT agreements is. Within ICT agreements lies the significant potential for the developers and contractors who recognize their importance—overruns of budgets and schedules during execution start here.

The ICT agreements must precisely define what needs to be developed during the design phase, who should model what, and at what information level. Interfaces should be limited to ensure that no two designers are modeling the exact details, or conversely, neither of them does, resulting in incomplete project material.

At Exigo, we are leading experts in ISO 19650. We have certified employees with extensive experience who can guide you through an otherwise intricate process.

IKT aftaler bygherre og entreprenør

But is it important? Can't the contractor just coordinate during execution?

If the ICT agreements are not adhered to, the 3D building models are not executed correctly, and the whole house of cards collapses.
This is because 3D building models today form the basis for quantity calculations, bills of quantities, delivery schedules, and financial measures. Therefore, the quality of the 3D models is paramount. And the contractor can only 'fix it on-site' with significant economic, time, and quality issues..


How can we be helpful to you?

First, we ensure that your ICT agreements are prepared correctly and unambiguously. ICT agreements are the foundation of the 3D models and the first thing we examine when conducting risk analyses of design material.

Subsequently, we ensure your safety throughout the design phase by systematically monitoring and conducting spot checks on the performance of the designers. By continuously identifying errors and rectifying them immediately, you establish a solid foundation for subsequent calculations, schedules, and delivery assessments.

På den måde sikres du mod fejl under udførelsen, som skubber tidsplanen.

What you receive from us

You receive a link to a dashboard where you can continuously monitor the performance of the designers.

The dashboard is not intended to expose or criticize the designers; on the contrary, the intention is to create transparency for the entire team. Transparency about progress and a solid basis for ongoing discussions about improving the quality of the material. It is in everyone's interest that the project material produced be as robust as possible.

Overview of Typical Challenges with ICT Management and ICT Agreements

Through our collaboration with several developers and contractors, we have compiled a list of the challenges that developers most commonly encounter when preparing ICT agreements.

These include the following:

  • How should the agreements be drafted?
  • What are the consequences if they are drafted incorrectly?
  • Who owns the models?
  • Who is designing what?
  • What level of quality should the 3D models be in?
  • What level of information should be used?
  • Should the 3D models be collision-free?
  • How should the 3D models be prepared for operation?
Typiske udfordringer med IKT

What can you do yourself regarding ICT management and ICT agreements?

We have gathered the best tips!

We have been assisting developers with ICT for many years and have compiled a range of useful tips in our whitepaper:
7 Tips for Sharp ICT Agreements“.

Attend an ICT Course

In collaboration with several developers, we have developed a 3-day learning program/course focused on how you as a developer can reduce financial risk through clear ICT agreements and gain a better understanding of digital tools.

Read more about our ICT Course.

We are also happy to assist you.

There are many pitfalls when it comes to ICT. There are checkboxes to mark and formulations to ensure are included to ensure project success. Conversely, there is also a risk in checking everything. You can make so many demands that the time spent collecting/connecting data becomes astronomical, and the abundant data ends up unused, gathering dust on large servers.

Let us help you tailor your ICT agreements.

Kontakt: Kristian Birch Pedersen på kbp@exigo.dk 53 55 59 19

"(...) Exigo has been selected as a developer's consultant/specialist in the context of ICT and BIM because they can document experiences from similar projects and, therefore, have an in-depth understanding of the DNA of 3D models down to the smallest detail. They are to scrutinize our consultants' 3D models for errors and ensure they are corrected until we have reached our goal completely."

Per Sams

Former Senior Project Manager, Capital Region