Exigo assists Hansson & Knudsen with the construction case Rømerhus

Anders Green Sørensen, project manager, Hansson & Knudsen, states:

"Hansson & Knudsen faces several risks associated with the Rømerhus construction project. Firstly, we are constructing a complex steel structure and integrating many new installations into an old, skewed building. Secondly, we are designing and building simultaneously. This could not be done without 3D."

Anders Green Sørensen continues:

"The success is built on a good and close collaboration among all trades. Everyone in the team, including the contractor, engineer, Exigo, and all installation trades, is working hard to ensure a good result for the client.

We meet once a week, where Exigo presents the latest clash detection. After that, all trades have 3 days to adjust their 3D models. The models are then returned to Exigo, which performs a new clash detection. And so it continues."

Read more about Clash detection here..

  • Company: Hansson & Knudsen
  • Web: http://www.hansson-knudsen.dk
  • Industry: Construction-
  • Size: 400+ medarbejdere
  • Why Exigo?
    • Ugentlig kollisionskontrol der sikrer et godt re

 The challenge as a contractor is that different programs and file formats, and 3D models that cannot be directly used in production, create a lot of confusion. 

Thor Lindenskov, Department Manager at Hansson & Knudsen, states:

"Hansson & Knudsen has an excellent collaboration with our consultants who submit the 3D models to us. However, our further work with the 3D models is challenging.

Several public requirements have been set for 3D, but there are still no clear agreements on exactly how collaboration around it should be handled.

The challenge as a contractor is that different programs, file formats, and 3D models, which still cannot be used directly in production, create a lot of confusion.

At Hansson & Knudsen, we have several employees who can handle 3D and BIM, and in terms of contractual basis, we rely on BipsA113.

As a contractor, we have to to handle 3D today. Contractors who cannot handle the new technologies are missing out on future market shares."

We place high demands on our partners and conduct ongoing thorough risk assessments. We always have a plan B! This way, we ensure that our client receives a good result, a quality we proudly deliver."