Exigo often assists Elindco with quantity extraction and quantity verification.

"Risk analysis of quantities can be worthwhile

According to project manager Rasmus Dahlgren, the advice from Exigo was indispensable. He says:

"With the help of Exigo, we confirmed that the quantities provided by the client were accurate. That is to say, there were some errors – and Exigo identified those."

The most important thing for Rasmus was to verify quantities before construction commenced. Professional assistance was needed:

"It was necessary for us to seek help from Exigo. Perhaps we could have done it ourselves, but it would have taken far more man-hours. Besides, it's not our primary occupation. Exigo has a different level of efficiency – that's also what makes it cost-effective."

  • Company: Elindco A/S
  • Web: http://www.elindco.dk/
  • Industry: Construction-
  • Size: 130+ employees
  • Project:: Espergærde Idrætsby
  • Why Exigo?
    • Efficient quantity risk analysis

 What is particularly problematic for us as contractors is that the client shifts the responsibility onto us. Therefore, we have to be absolutely sure that our quantities are correct.

– Rasmus Dahlgren, Project Manager, Elindco A/S