Skanderborg Municipality – New Hørning School and Daycare Facility 

A brief overview of the project

The overall building structure appears as an equal "three-leaf clover" distributed across three primary building sections housing the Daycare Facility, sports facilities, and Primary Education, interconnected through a common area - The Square, which constitutes the heart of HØSD and the various shared functions in the building. In the center of The Square lies the sunken assembly and recreational area, The Clearing, which encourages social interaction and serves as an informal learning platform.

This is where Exigo has provided assistance

To ensure that the project's ICT agreement includes all value-adding ICT services for the project, to be handled by the general contractor and their consultant.

To promote collaboration on and the use of ICT in the construction project through active participation.

To review the project material, focusing on addressing any collisions in 3D models before execution to support optimal coordination.

To scrutinize the economics and coherence with the 3D building models, ensuring transparency in the financial aspects of design and execution.

Ensure coherence and overview between the general contractor's invoicing and the work performed.

To verify the submission of 'As-Built' documentation.

This is what the client says

Exigo assists Skanderborg Municipality with project finances regarding a new school and daycare facility in Hørning. 

"I have excellent collaboration with Exigo regarding the project's finances. Through the Exicute app, I continuously receive visibility into progress and status – distributed across measurable locations/zones.

I open Exicute on my PC with our contractor, and then we look at the charts regarding status and progress together. We have an excellent dialogue about it. In Exicute, we can see exactly which areas are delayed and in which areas we are ahead of schedule. The precise overview provides a great sense of assurance and lays the foundation for a good and constructive dialogue with our contractor.

I can highly recommend consultation from Exigo."

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ICT advisory services

Feasibility risk analysis, includingcollision control

Implementation of Location-based Scheduling with Tactplan Schedule

Implementation of follow-up and status on progress using Business Intelligence (BI)

Client:: Skanderborg Kommune
Size: 7.200 kvm
The total budget of the project: 145 mio. DKK