New Hospital Nordsjælland, Denmark

A brief overview of the project 

New Hospital Nordsjælland is a hospital designed and built entirely from scratch. 

The starting point for the design is healing architecture, aiming to create a connection between form and function. Hence, the building takes the shape of a four-leaf clover.

The hospital is located on a beautiful natural site in the upcoming district of Favrholm in Hillerød.


Scheduling on the project  

Lasse Krebs Manniche, Lead of Planning and Execution at Center for Properties, Capital Region of Denmark is responsible for project scheduling and, as the client, has taken a more active role in project management than is typically seen with clients.

The team has conducted thorough groundwork for the schedule early in the project, with all stakeholders contributing and dedicating themselves to the plan. In 2022, Lasse and the rest of the project's construction management team won the Value Building Process Award. 

LEAN and Location-based Scheduling have been implemented on the project as the primary management tools.  

This is where Exigo has provided assistance

In the early stages of the project, Exigo assisted the client with risk analyses of the created 3D models for constructability, including model structure, modeling techniques, property data checks, classifications, and clash detections.

In developing the Location-based Schedule, Exigo has supported Lasse Krebs and his team in implementing Schedule Planner and Tactplan for LBS.

At the Molio Conference 2022, Lasse Krebs Manniche delivered a presentation on project scheduling in collaboration with Exigo's CEO, Kristian Birch Pedersen. 


This is what the client says

On the project, we use cyclograms/Location-based Scheduling. The method allows us to work proactively and address challenges in the early stages. I could be dealing with a 90-100-page Gantt schedule, but now I'm dealing with ONE page. It provides a fantastic overview. We could only maintain an overview of the schedule with cyclograms.


Learn more about Exigo's services  

  • BIM analyses
  • Clash detections
  • Model structure and modeling technique
  • Verification of property data and classification coding
  • Quantity verification
  • Integration between specifications, bid lists, and 3D models
  • Reporting of results using interactive dashboards

Client:The Capital Region of Denmark
Size: 125.000 m2
The total budget of the project: 4,6 mia. DKK