New Kastrup Airport Station

About the project 


From 2014 to 2025, New Bispebjerg Hospital will be constructed to serve more than 450,000 citizens. The hospital is situated on Bispebjerg Hill and has five sub-projects, including an emergency department, parking facility, laboratory, and logistics building. 


This is where Exigo has provided assistance


✓Adaptation of ICT agreement and ongoing ICT technical advice

✓ Consultation on best practices and quantity verification of tender lists

✓ BIM evaluation – including consistency control and clash detection

✓ Follow-up and coordination with designers and contractors

✓ Risk analysis and material control during phase transition

✓ Location-based Scheduling – including risk analysis and optimization

✓ LEAN process management

✓ Progress reporting

✓ Valuation of schedule, including analysis and optimization of cash flow

✓ Time and financial overview (dashboard)

✓ Ongoing interim settlement with the executing party

✓ Management of time and economy

✓ Quality assurance of 'As Built' documentation 


This is what the client says


"Sund og Bælt has, with the assistance of Exigo, established a solid foundation for working with 4D/5D planning during the project's execution. Exigo has been involved in the initial phase by setting requirements for the consultant's deliveries in the BIM area and has subsequently assisted with the consultant's quality assurance of deliveries (modeling, classification, clash detection, etc.). Sund and Bælt look forward to utilizing 4D/5D planning during the project's execution with the contractor."

Rasmus Haak, Project Manager – New Kastrup Airport Station, Sund & Bælt Holding A/S 


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Bygherre: Sund & Bælt

Size: 350 meter lang

Samlet projektsum: Ikke angivet