The New Hospital in the West, Gødstrup, Denmark

A brief overview of the project

With the construction of the New Hospital in the West, Hospitalsenheden Vest consolidates on the same site. Previously, the unit was spread across several cities, including Holstebro, Lemvig, Ringkøbing, Tarm, and Herning. The hospital, covering the western region of Central Denmark Region, will be a modern acute-care hospital offering both somatic and psychiatric treatment.

This is where Exigo has provided assistance 

✓ Risk analysis and optimization of the schedule
✓ Risk analysis and optimization of resources in connection with commissioning 

Client's request 

A desire for high patient and staff safety at the New Hospital in the West (DNV) led former project director Michael Hyldegaard to request Exigo to analyze the schedule and resources well in advance, particularly about client deliveries and commissioning at DNV. Exigo has previously assisted the client with the risk analysis of time and resources related to parts of the project schedule.

"Planning the interface between construction and operation is a significant and complex part of the schedule, often postponed until the last moment. However, that aspect of planning is just as important, if not more so, as it directly involves staff and patient safety. This part of the planning needs to be carefully coordinated and synchronized with the rest of the construction schedule to ensure that all systems are thoroughly tested before commissioning."

Michael draws a comparison with the pharmaceutical industry:

"If the pharmaceutical industry doesn't plan their production and test their medicine before releasing it, it will have catastrophic consequences for the people involved. Similarly, I view the commissioning of the technical facilities in our hospitals. If we don't plan and thoroughly test all systems before commissioning, the consequence could be one or more systems functioning incorrectly or sudden short circuits in the wiring."

According to Michael Hyllegaard, the regions, and hospital management recognize the importance of thorough planning and commissioning. Niras is responsible for commissioning the project.  

"The commissioning aspect has always been a part of our construction projects without being explicitly named. Nothing new there. But by giving it a name, it has become a defined and documented process that we can use positively to enhance the quality and safety of construction projects."

Michael Hyllegaard is satisfied with the result of the risk analysis and states:

"Now I have an excellent overview of resources and the schedule. We have been ahead of schedule, allowing us to act on the analysis. We can break that overview into sub-elements, allowing us to develop detailed time and resource management for client deliveries and commissioning. It makes sense to continue working with the location-based planning method. It has been a great experience to have Exigo optimize schedules and resources on the project based on the location-based method. Exigo's team is very skilled. They understand how to meet the needs of customers and deliver!"

Michael is convinced that thorough planning and testing of systems also have a positive impact on operational economics. By planning and thoroughly testing the systems, Michael believes that safe operation is ensured where things work. From a total economic perspective, it significantly impacts the project.


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Location-based Scheduling

Client:: Region Midtjylland

Size: 127.000 kvm

The total budget of the project: ca. 3,5 mia. DKK