A brief overview of the project

Byggeskadefonden aims to contribute with a comprehensive and value-creating IT platform for a wide range of stakeholders in the social housing sector in Denmark. The visions for the portal include gathering knowledge in the field, compiling construction documentation for all projects, assisting in the review of project materials, etc., to early identify and mitigate errors and deficiencies that typically lead to damages.

The project stakeholders (project owners, workgroups, user groups, etc.) must be available in the various phases of the design process, including brainstorm sessions, workshops, and multiple meetings, as they provide in-depth knowledge about the social housing sector, which is crucial for a satisfactory end product.


This is where Exigo has provided assistance

Exigo har gennemført en designproces, hvor vi i samarbejde med bygherre bidrager med brugerinddragelse, workshops, beskrivelser, skitser, diagrammer, IT-arkitektur og præsentation mm. 

The design process consists of the following elements, which are repeated in three loops:

✓ Define scope

✓ Idea generation and workshops

✓ Development of prototype

✓ Testing of prototype

✓ Implementation of solutions

✓ Feedback from users 

✓ Evaluation


Byggeskadefonden says


"At Byggeskadefonden, we have collaborated with Exigo for several years. It has been a positive experience where we are always met with a constructive and versatile approach to the task, a high degree of flexibility, and suggestions for solutions."


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