New Natural History Museum, Denmark

A brief overview of the project 

The Natural History Museum of Denmark will be consolidated in a new building complex to be constructed and partially buried in the Botanical Garden in Copenhagen.

It is a high-risk project due to the unique nature of the project, including the museum's volume, location, and complexity.

Since 2018, Exigo has advised and assisted the client in project and process management, budget and financial management, quality, risk, and time management.


This is where Exigo has provided assistance

On the project, Exigo has contributed to time, financial, and risk management:

  • Coordination of digital collaboration across disciplines and phases, in preparation for the execution phase.
  • Contribution to tender material for the main contract regarding digital construction management and using 4D, 5D, and milestones.
  • Conducting quantity verifications, audit checks, etc., concerning tender material.
  • Follow-up and sampling of the total consultant's 3D models and the quality of project material across disciplines and phases, including quantities and classification. Emphasis on good collaboration and consultation in this regard.
  • Setup and operation of the project's communication platform for task management during execution.
  • Analysis and integration of 3D models and schedules (4D).
  • Analysis of bid lists and quantities in 3D models, including the distribution of finances in project locations.
  • Valuation of the contract schedule activities, linking bid lists and 3D quantities to activities (5D schedule). Additionally, analysis of the contractor's breakdown of execution schedules compared to bid lists and quantities.
  • Analysis of the main contractor's Location-based work schedule (4D).
  • Opfølgning på den værdiansatte kontrakttidsplan og beregninger af økonomisk fremdrift.
  • Calculation of amounts for interim invoicing in the client's financial management. 
  • Visualization of planned and actual financial status for the client's overview, including S-curve analyses (see the illustration below).


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Bygherre: Vejdirektoraret

Omfang: 30.000 kvm

The total budget of the project: 1,2 mia. DKK